A flower for the bees, a help for all of us, a gift to nature.
How many speeches and sermons on respecting nature, but how can it be respected if children are not given the opportunity to get to know it?
« Let’s sow flowers to save the 🐝 » is a project by “Tenuta Due Tigli” which intends to teach children the importance of bees for the survival of the entire planet.

Bees are pollinating insects, a role of primary importance because in their absence the consequences at a global level would be tragic with human survival at stake.

Each of us can make a small contribution to ensure this doesn’t happen!

Giorgio Magi and his family intend to involve children and for this reason, in the next few days, they will donate a kit of flower seeds loved by bees to anyone who requests it.

Simply forward the request to Aurora@familyhotel.it, write the address and the envelope with the seeds will be delivered to you!

We ask you to then send us a photo of the flowers born and you will have the right to use our picnic area at Tenuta Due Tigli for a snack, in the company of the bees and our animal friends, Carolina the Pony, Adelaide, Abelardo the goats, Rocco , the donkey,  and many others. You will also receive a jar of honey for the help you have given to the bees, to all of us and to nature.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a guest of the Hotel Aurora or another hotel on the Romagna Riviera: the planet belongs to everyone and all of you are our friends and you will be welcome at Tenuta Due Tigli!

We sow flowers to save the 🐝

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